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Ship It! provides shipping to anywhere in the world via all the major carriers. We work with FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service to deliver your package in a timely manner.

We want you to know that your package made it safely. As a service to our customers, we will track your package (when sent via a service that allows it) from our door to its destination at no additional cost to you. Call us and we'll give you the delivery information, or ask for the tracking number and you can follow the package yourself.

We are happy to provide a cost estimate for shipping your packages. Due to the many variables in the process, we request that you call our store at 208-459-8283 to get an estimate. Please keep in mind that all prices provided are only estimates and are subject to change.

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• Why use Ship It! over going direct to the carrier?
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Why use Ship It! over going direct to the carrier?

An independent mail and parcel center (MPC) can make your shipping problems go away. Individuals and businesses can both save time and money by using an MPC. Yes, you could go straight to the carrier to ship something, but then you have to deal with the consequences. Did you have the proper packing materials? Did you pack the item(s) properly? Did you pick the right service?

Ship It! can help you make the right decisions by asking you the right questions. With our experience, we can help you get your shipment there when you need it and well make sure that its packed right.

The best part about going to an independent mail and parcel center is the service afterwards. Ship It! tracks FedEx, DHL, and UPS shipments all the way to delivery. If something untoward does happen, we can work with the carrier to get your problem resolved. You only have to make one call and well get the ball rolling to fix the problem. Well follow up with the carrier and get resolution. Consider that if you have a valuable fragile shipment that gets broken in transit, the carrier will automatically respond that you did not pack it properly even if they ran over it with a forklift! We dispute this with the carrier for you and prove to them that the item was packed properly.

Why waste time and money going off to get supplies, packing the item, and then heading to the carrier? Stop in at Ship It! and let us take care of your shipment!
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